Everyone has been talking about Pasquale Rotella’s telltale response to the LA Council seeking a ban on raves. And to be honest, it’s f*cking awesome. All of us who have been part of this electronic dance culture for years have known that it is, never was, and never will be about the drugs. If you can’t listen to electronic music without being high, rolling or drunk, you don’t belong here. Now I’m not saying that being slightly intoxicated, in whatever means, may or may not enhance the experience. However, true ravers breathe and live through electronic music. Whether this is at music festivals, performance shows at clubs, underground raves, in our cars, through headphones at the gym, or on TV at home through live-streaming, it is on 24/7.

As Pasquale emphasizes, illegal drugs are everywhere. Go to any electronic, pop, country, rap concert and you are bound to find drugs. The electronic scene has gathered a bad rap because we are the underdogs. And the underdogs always get sh*t on. We created a culture not about sex, drugs, and money; but a culture of peace, love, unity, and respect. It is a place where the lost are found, the unwanted are loved, and the individual is revered.

It is unfortunate what has happened to the two young ladies at Hard Summer a couple weeks ago, and the rest of those who have unfortunately passed in this world through whatever circumstances. But at the very least, their families should know that their daughters were part of a community that was paving the way for a revolution of love, life and music. And if you don’t believe it, you don’t belong here.