If you were lucky enough to catch Kaskade at Nocturnal Wonderland, it was the perfect setting to pumping us up for his new Automatic release and tour. It’s been awhile since Kaskade has been on tour, having been at XS over the last couple of years for a DJ residency. I, unfortunately, missed his Atmosphere tour in 2013, and was definitely not about to miss a second tour. When tour dates were announced, there was that mysterious “TBA” date on 10/2/15 listed. Although I figured this would have to be somewhere in Southern California, I decided not to take a chance and purchased pre-sale tickets for his Pier 70 show in San Francisco. Only to wistfully find out later it was right in my town of San Diego with an opening set by Galantis! Letting bygones be bygones, I do enjoy changing up my rave scene and I always enjoy raving in the Bay area. And what better way to enjoy Kaskade, than in his native scene of SF.

Pier 70 couldn’t have been a better setup for a night full of feels. Nestled in the piers of Portero Hill, the abandoned warehouse created the essence of an old school underground rave. Utilizing his Coachella stage, Kaskade was able to show us his new style in a grandiose manner. Throughout the night, Kaskade seamlessly weaved the old with the new. Hearing classics such as “Turn it Down,” “Atmosphere,” and “Angel on my Shoulder,” intertwined with the new, albeit different, Automatic hits such as “Disarm You” and “Mercy,” kept the crowd dancing and grooving. Although there has been much criticism to Automatic, accusing Kaskade of straying from his career defining atmospheric sounds, I would counter this by saying it was still a very entertaining show. I hear all you naysayers and I’m not saying I don’t see your point. Automatic definitely diverges from his deeper melodic sounds to an upbeat dance vibe that is a little more conventional to “EDM.” Even an untrained ear could tell the difference just by scrolling through the first 20 seconds of each song from Fire and Ice to Atmosphere to Automatic. This may not have been a groundbreaking album, but it was enough to find a happy medium between the die hard driven Kaskade fans and the new generation of ears to electronic music. Have a listen and leave a comment telling us what you think! Do you think Kaskade has sold out?