I am Insomniac.Health, Safety and Sober Raving at Insomniac Festivals. AMA.

Insomniac created a Reddit forum yesterday in order to address the public on how they are going to promote “sober raving” or safety, in particular, to their 20th anniversary of Nocturnal Wonderland. As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re going to a rave to get “f*cked up” than you are not a true raver. After scrolling through the entire Q&A, I think the most important message Maren Steiner, Insomniac’s Director for Health and Safety, and Patt Ochoa, Conscious Group Volunteer Manager and co-founder & Director of Sustain Recovery Services, deliver is that YOU WILL NOT BE ARRESTED IF YOU ASK FOR HELP. I can’t honestly say I don’t have some skepticism about this being absolute truth. But they do detail how Insomniac specifically works with local law enforcement to ensure safety as a priority and not catching drug users.

Ultimately, I think everyone just needs to shut up, man up, and realize that SAFETY IS YOUR OWN PRIORITY. Let’s stop pointing fingers at everyone else! We should be thanking Insomniac and Hard for throwing such awesome events despite having to deal with these risks of jeopardizing their company. (Of course, while making loads of money at the same time.) People keep demanding “more safety,” but once Big Brother kicks in, just like the facial recognition cameras that were being used in the UK to identify “drug dealers” or “ecstasy users,” all hell breaks loose! If we all just accept responsibility for our own rave crew, I’m sure safety would no longer be issue. So dance, don’t be dumb, pay attention, and rave on!