Hard Summer Dod


By now, you have probably seen the epic line up for Hard Day of the Dead. Huge headliners such as Deadmau5 and Skrillex will again grace the stages of this Halloween themed event. But despite the lineup, much of the discussion has been about the changes to this year’s policy. We’ll start with the less contentious…

     1. Reducing Hours

To be honest, I already thought Hard had reduced hours as Hard Summer ended by 12AM (I think..). And to be honest, I don’t know because I didn’t stay late enough for they turned down the music at the main stage around 10:30PM during Dillon Francis’ set. It just got awkward after that. So what, are they closing at 10PM now? I guess this allows us to go trick-or-treating afterwards since it’s so early.

     2. Reducing Attendees

I don’t really see how reducing the crowd from 60,000 to 45,000 provides any real significant benefit. I suppose it means less people to monitor for security and health aids. Although taking from Hard Summer, it didn’t seem like the crowd was too much of an issue. More so the personal irresponsibility of party goers, which leads us into the next policy change..

     3. Changing the Age Limit to 21+

This was obviously a reaction to the two very regretful deaths that occurred at Hard Summer. I must admit that I think this is a great decision made by event producers. It goes without saying that any concert, to include country, hip hop, or even pop may be more enjoyable when under the influence. However, it also goes without saying that being under 21 denies you access to the only legal substance available, alcohol; which therefore points the direction to other substances. I’m not saying that people over 21 do not also make poor decisions. And as we’ve seen from other festivals, other deaths have occurred in this older age range (although seemingly still in the younger 20’s). However, and I hate to sound like an “old person” here, I know I’ve made more poorer decisions in my underage years, that in retrospect I would NEVER EVER do again. As the old saying goes, with age comes wisdom. To be Devil’s Advocate, one might say “well if you don’t allow underage people at raves, they’ll just go underground.” Perhaps. To be honest, I think many festival goers nowadays are not “true ravers” and few will actually try to attend an underground rave. And if they want to experiment with drugs, they’ll be forced to do at it at home. Hopefully that allows for a far safer environment as I’m sure someone is bound to call 911 if they see you convulsing on their couch!

So all around, Hard Day of the Dead should be an interesting, albeit amazing, event. Not only for the lineup, but goodbye beer gardens and hello to carrying a beer anywhere you go! Sorry young’uns, but we’ll see you in a few years!