Coachella 2016 is just around the corner so it’s time to start getting those festival bodies ready! Although events such as
Ultra Miami and Beyond Wonderland SoCal precedes it, Coachella has always been known as the event to start festival season. Now slated as one of the world’s most premiere music festivals, you can bet there is music, booze, fashion, and celebrities galore! For those who haven’t been, here are a few tips to consider:

1. The Perfect Outfit

Coachella has always been known as the fashionable music festival. Celebrities are paid to wear couture from famous designers every day! So you better keep on pace! However, don’t feel pressured to a specific genre, feel free to express your mind and be creative! The most popular fashion trend is definitely the gypsy/fairy goddess look. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go in your rave gear! Although I probably would recommend other outfits for the other days, since Coachella isn’t really an all electronic music event, it’s a celebration of all music! It is an event to be yourself and be creative! I recommend preparing ahead of time because you’d be surprised to find how many stores run out of your sizes right before the event since so many people are attending! But don’t be boring by wearing regular clothes, have fun with your outfit!

2. Don’t Prepare A Schedule

Those of you who are frequent flyers of festivals know that horrible feeling of deciding which stage to attend. To be honest, you probably won’t make it. Especially if you’re in the midst of main stage or trying to see a popular artist. I literally got physically pushed out of a stage due to a big rush of people also trying to see Duke Dumont last year. I gave up on that real fast. Because Coachella has such a wide range of music and premieres a lot of new upcoming artists, I find it best to follow your ear. For instance, Galantis made their premiere at Coachella 2014 to the smaller Gobi stage. I, unfortunately, missed it as I was more keen on following my schedule. Walk around, if you like something, walk in and see what it’s about. Maintain a loose schedule, but don’t feel afraid to throw it in the wind in the spirit of Coachella!

3. It’s Hot as Sh*tballs

Remember, you are out in the middle of the desert. Even though it’s Spring, Indio is hot all year round. Notably, the event starts around 12-1PM, right in the middle of the heat, averaging at least 100 degrees if not more. I’ll admit, I’ve missed many a good artist as I could just not grow the balls the to brave the heat. So I usually start making my way over at 5pm. But if you’re young and have the energy, by all means go early! But remember, you got 3 days of partying. So don’t waste all your energy on the first day. And trust me, the sun is draining. More so than ever, please stay hydrated. Don’t forget, you are in the desert. You are subject to severe weather changes once the sun goes down, to include heavy sandstorms. I recommend bringing a bandanna to cover your nose and mouth because the winds can sure kick up some sand. So always check the weather. For the most part, it’ll just be hot. But you never know, I got stuck in the middle of a sandstorm a couple of years ago and it was terrible. Just be prepared.

4. Transportation

If you’re lucky enough to find a bed and breakfast or a house rental that is within walking distance, I highly recommend it. Even if it’s 20-30 min walk away. 40 min might be pushing it at the end of the night. It beats traffic trying to get in or long wait times for the shuttle. If you choose to shuttle it, as long as your patient, I’ve heard they run very well. If you’re driving a car, patience again becomes a virtue with getting in and out of the parking lot (although nothing is worse than parking at EDC Las Vegas). A nice walk at the end of night is always a great wind down period, and as long as you’re not stuck in a sandstorm, that beautiful desert night sky is a great way to end the night.

5. How to Get Drunk

As most of you know, or not, Coachella is an all ages event. Which means, all the drunkards are corralled into only a few areas. And you can’t take your drink out with you. So my advice is to buy two beers at a time (because they only let one person purchase two beers at one time). The line to get an alcoholic drink can be as long as 20 min, so double fisting is the way to go! Also, don’t buy it right before your next planned set, unless you plan on pounding it quick. And even if you do, chances are you may not make it in time because the queue to get in is miserable. Some areas are larger (like the one next to main stage) so they have more security checking bracelets, but there will likely be a line and it may take up to 15-20 min to accompany your fellow drunkards. So bottom line, make time to queue up for the drunk zone and buy multiple drinks at once to get your drunk on!

6. Have a F*cking Awesome Time

Remember this is not EDC, where you want to be running around with kandi, this is not Burning Man, where you want to be running around naked. This is Coachella. The premiere festival to jump off festival season! Although sometimes a bit pretentious, enjoy yourself. There is a lot of good old and new music every time with a lovely display of art, dark and up lifting. And don’t forget to take a picture with the astronaut (although he wasn’t there last year).

Any other advice you have for other fellow Coachella festival goers? Let us know and comment below!